Partners + Friends

Beantrust serves some of the most innovative technology hubs and co-working spaces in the Greater Boston area. To arrange a coffee tasting for your business or organization, visit our contact page or email Erik Modahl at


Greentown Labs

Beantrust keeps all of Greentown Labs well-caffeinated with weekly deliveries of freshly roasted beans and a kegerator for cold brew coffee on tap. Bags of freshly roasted beans for home brewing are available for purchase. Erik also works closely with Grove Labs to craft herbal tea infusions using Grove-grown herbs. 


Cambridge Innovation Center

Beantrust caters events and provides coffee services to all Cambridge Innovation Center locations around the city. At CIC-Boston, beantrust runs a pour-over bar; at CIC-Cambridge, beantrust maintains a pour-over bar and two cold brew kegerators. 


Startup Institute

Beantrust catered the launch of and conducted team building exercises for the Startup Institute of Boston. Erik continues to cater Startup Institute events. 


Impact Hub–Boston

Beantrust caters events and maintains an espresso brewer at Impact Hub–Boston.



Beantrust provides cold brew service at KAYAK's Technology Headquarters in Cambridge. Erik also provides herbal tea infusions using herbs grown at Grove Labs.