Loving your neighbor


“Coffee with Anthony” yesterday was so good. We talked design, his new Espro purchase, coffee, and life.

My birthday is coming up next Sunday I have an urge to encourage others to give no matter the audience.

This challenges me to love my neighbor regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender.

And a gift is so special to receive. I received a gift from a friend on Friday that will continue to impact me. It was a book designed with culture, coffee, beautiful pictures of people brewing and drinking coffee, Stockholm. I have shared this book with many people already.

I am learning more about places, people, design.

How might we impact others with purpose/belonging? Generosity.

“Love your neighbor”


“Coffee with Erik”


Chai with Manvi and friends was a special time last year at Greentown Labs.

I remember when I was young having tea with my Grandma. She was so special. We would work in the Garden, make interesting gifts for others. Then have tea. They were times of conversation and dreaming.

My grandma on my moms side had a Swedish Coffee pot on the back burner going and as a kid I would often have a small cup of coffee with milk and sit down at the table. My grandfather would put the sugar cube in his mouth and then sip on his coffee. He was a quiet Swedish man. I enjoyed being beside him. We went fishing into Canada, we built a small boat together, I saw him put a tether ball pole in the ground on a rainy birthday long ago.

“Coffee with Erik” is a way to tell my story.

I was born in Tacoma, Washington In 1959. My dad owned an auto parts store. My parents wanted to move out to the country with a view of the mountain (Mount Rainier). We did buy acreage, cleared some of the land, built a barn and a large house.

I went off to college to study music, performance and education.

Graduated in 1982 and traveled around the US and Canada and ended up in Massachusetts. Helped to start a music school, taught clarinet and performed a concerto at Boston University.

I pursued hospitality at the Sheraton and then ended up at a office coffee distribution company for thirty years. I was instrumental in many areas. Hiring, vendor relationships, sales operations, executive sales, developing first to market programs: fresh roast custom blends, bean to cup, bio degradable pod program, Peet’s distribution, Coldbrew.

Now I’m again in touch with what I love.

Seeking to build a customer centric modeled enterprise with the feel of “Coffee with Erik”.

beantrust, rocking our culture with old world hospitality.


Impacting culture, how? Listening, understanding and action.


My passion is to “revolutionize culture with old world hospitality”!

An hour ago I took a walk thru our local grocery store. Brands shouting their grandeur and pricing messages from the store. I noticed a profound lack of conversation other than the one I had on the way in spawned from my patience in parking.

After picking out a birthday card for my wife I walked up to the info area. I asked wouldn’t it be great to have some back and forth conversation with your customers. The person at the desk thought a back forth conversation would be great.

Listening, understanding and taking some action.

To truly listen we need to be comfortable with who we are, good in our own skin. And to understand the person or organization’s thoughts. Is there access from beyond the surface? What are the possible outcomes? What is the real agenda or direction? Are their mixed motives? Then to act is to move, make decisions, to go out, to leave, to write, to develop systems, to be generous, to effect impact on our culture.

Katja and I were talking about the “want” of communicating to me their thoughts regarding the herbal infusion on ice. It feels good to have a place to respond, “love it! keep it coming”.

I’m thinking my action for the week will be to create places tor these types of conversations. I just purchased a couple of small magnetic white boards, post-its, dry erase markers. I plan to give some info, ask a couple of questions, also give permission via Facebook, Instagram to reach out.

Looking forward to creating some conversations this week.

“Coffee with Erik”


Hospitality: place, people, conversation furthering each other to higher ground.


A friendly face, an engaging manner initiates good chats. Often chats lead to more meaningful talks. Listening, being interested, asking why/what is keeping you from your dreams deepens relationship.

Kyle was the first to say that I personify hospitality. I believe that Kyle an industrial designer, is about context. Whether we are discussing black hole theory, resonance, music or the Space X flights there is always a bigger picture.

Hospitality impacts culture. To truly practice is to immerse in another persons world with ones own experiences. Hospitality then fits the context of wherever, whomever in conversation furthering each other to higher ground.